How To Create Proper Composition For Landscape Photography?


6 Landscape Photography Composition Tips to Help You Seize the Scene

  1. Use the rule of thirds. …
  2. Use a tree or plants to frame the scene. …
  3. Accentuate a point of interest in the foreground. …
  4. Create a vanishing point. …
  5. Use diagonal lines. …
  6. Reflect the beauty.


The easiest way to compose a symmetrical landscape shot is to use water to create a reflection of the landscape. The photo above is a perfect example of the power of symmetry. There’s a beautiful harmony from top to bottom in this shot thanks to the placement of the horizon line in the middle of the frame.

The Art of Composition in Landscape Photography

How To CREATE a Balance Composition In YOUR Photos – LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY

Landscape Photography Composition Techniques

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a good composition in photography?

9 Top Photography Composition Rules You Need To Know

  1. Fill The Frame / Cropping. ...
  2. Don't Cut Off Limbs. ...
  3. Understand The Rule Of Thirds. ...
  4. Use Frames. ...
  5. Make The Most Of Lead In Lines / Shapes. ...
  6. Simplify – Know Your Focus. ...
  7. Watch The Background. ...
  8. Look For Symmetry/Patterns.

What are the 5 rules of composition in photography?

5 Basic Compositional Rules in Photography

  • Compositional Rules.
  • Rule #1: Leading Lines.
  • Rule #2: Rule of Thirds.
  • Rule #3: Negative Space.
  • Rule #4: Horizon Line.
  • Rule #5: Symmetry and Patterns.

Which is the best composition rule for photography?

One of the first landscape photography composition rules everyone learns is the Rule of Thirds. By placing your subject off center in your frame, you create more interest for your viewer. Use either the top and bottom or left and right grid lines as a guide.

What should I look for in landscape photography?

Landscape photography is often thought of as rolling hills and mountain tops. But there are other subjects in nature such as animals and plants that deserve their closeups. When you choose to photograph those subjects, make sure one of the compositions you take fills the frame with that subject.

What should I take away from photography composition tips?

If there is one overarching take away from these photography composition tips, it should be to slow down and make your photographs. Think about the image you want your viewer to see, and think about the movement of their eyes. You want them to take a journey through your photography, and you want them to spend a little while on that trip.

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