How To Create Landscape On Google Sketchup Make?

Creating Terrain Using Bitmap to Mesh Plugin in SketchUp

How to Make Basic Terrain in SketchUp

Creating Terrain in Google Sketchup

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a ground to SketchUp model?

If you prefer to to start modeling terrain from a flat, rectangular TIN, you draw the shape with the Sandbox From Scratch tool:

  1. Select the Sandbox From Scratch tool ( ) on the Sandbox toolbar, or select Draw > Sandbox > From Scratch from the menu bar.
  2. Click to set the TIN's starting point.

How do I change terrain in SketchUp?

How to Smoove Existing Terrain in Google SketchUp 8

  1. Double-click the group containing your terrain to edit it.
  2. Choose Tools, Sandbox, Smoove from the menu bar to activate the Smoove tool.
  3. Type a radius and press Enter. ...
  4. Click somewhere on your terrain surface to start smooving.

What can I do with SketchUp for landscape design?

From residences to large-scale urban parks, SketchUp is a simple but powerful tool which can provide one of the best portrayals of the 3D landscape. By applying SketchUp you can draw walkways with paving materials ... add beautiful shrubs, trees perennials, lawn and groundcover.

How to draw your own terrain in SketchUp?

Select the icon, second from left (Start from Scratch) and click on your starting point and drag to the ending point. In this screenshot, you will see very light green points on the green axis. Click on the end point of where you want it to be. Draw in the direction that you want your terrain to be.

How do you make a hill in SketchUp?

Select the center of where you want to create a hill. Click on the smoove icon and pull it up. Click another square for the area that you want to sink. Keep doing this until your terrain is close to how you want it.

Can you make a Google Earth building in SketchUp?

Google Earth's "3D Buildings" layer is entirely comprised of models made from Google SketchUp or Google Building Maker. It is simple and easy to make a model for Google Earth. Open SketchUp. It is the most commonly used tool for Google Earth Modeling. SketchUp 2016 Make is recommended (It is completely free, unless you upgrade to Sketchup Pro)

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