How To Create Landscape Layer Info Objects In Unreal?

Landscape Layer Materials

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a landscape layer?

Creating Layer Info for Each Target Layer In Landscape Mode > Paint menu, if you select a Texture Layer then go to Edit layers and click on each Landscape Layer, you will have a message show up: "This layer has no layer info assigned yet. You must create or assign a layer info before you can paint this layer."

How to add target layers to landscape for Unreal Engine?

LOL. making all of your materials again from scratch couldnt possibly be the solution to just quickly dragging and dropping the material into a landscape slot list. because that would be utterly insane and no one would believe it. so again, how do you add your materials to your landscape material list?

How are materials blended in Unreal Engine 4?

The LandscapeLayerWeight expression allows Material networks to be blended based on the weight for the associated layer obtained from the Landscape the Material.The weight for this layer is used as the alpha value for blending the two input networks. The unique name that you give to the parameter.

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