How To Create A Natural Pond Swimming Pool With Landscape?

How to build a Modern Natural Pool without Mud

Natural Pools – Organic Pools selfbuild

Natural Pools & Swim Ponds in California – No Chlorine or Chemicals – Aquascape System

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you turn a pond into a natural swimming pool?

Yes, you can convert an existing pond into a Natural Swimming Pool/Pond, though the process is expensive (typically costs more than building a NSP from scratch) and must be done on a custom basis.

How do you build a natural swimming pool?

  1. Choose the right location for your natural swimming pool.
  2. Choose the right shape for your pool.
  3. Configure the filtration and swimming area of your pool.
  4. Install the rebars around your pool area.
  5. Don't forget to apply the concrete on a small slope to help the water drain through the pump.

How much does it cost to build a natural swimming pond?

Depending on the size, depth, filtration and upgrades you choose, swimming ponds / natural pools can cost anywhere between $50,000 to $200,000 in Southern California.

How do natural swimming ponds work?

Natural pools rely on filters and moving water to do all the heavy lifting. ... These pools use biological filters (such as natural shale) to absorb phosphates and promote the growth of "good" bacteria to eat algae and bad bacteria. A "regeneration zone" with plant life is built adjacent to the primary swimming area.

How do you make a pool out of a pond?

Install the pump and skimmer system at the end of the pool farthest away from the plant zone and run the piping under the ground so that the pump feeds the water through the plants. This will ensure that water runs through the plant filter before re-entering the rest of the pool.

What do you call a natural swimming pond?

Natural pools design ideas, also known as organic bio swimming pond or natural swimming pond, are finding their rightful place as they offer a combination of both swimming pool and pond landscape.

What to build in a natural swimming pool?

This is the swimming channel. The rest of the pool is just dirt right now – that will be the plant regeneration zone. The regeneration zone has a cement floor now (left side.) Now, to build a curved cement wall for the plant regeneration zone. This is a big job!

Do you need a pool cover for a pond?

you do not need to protect the water of a natural pond with a pool cover; they have low energy consumption. Instead of chemicals a swimming pond contains microorganisms, minerals and aquatic plants that perform the tasks to purify this complex water system.

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