How To Create A Custom Landscape Stellrium?


To change it, press F4 and then select the Landscape tab. Within the landscapes available there should be a lunar landscape that you can choose. You can use Stellarium to view the cosmos as you would see it from the surface of the Moon.


Stellarium: how to create a customised landscape

  • Step 1. Find the Stellarium landscapes folder: C:Program FilesStellariumlandscapes. … Edit the landscape.ini file…
  • Step 2. Take a set of overlapping images of your location, capturing 360° of horizon, leaving plenty of overlap between…
  • Step 3. Use image-processing software to create an image 2,044 x 1,276 pixels…

How to implement a custom landscape into Stellarium (Using Hugin, Gimp)

How & Why I Use a Custom Landscape in Stellarium

How to Add Custom Landscape to Stellarium

Frequently Asked Questions

section exists, Stellarium can automatically adjust the location and observing conditions of the observer to match the landscape. This is the technically simplest of the landscapes, but may be used to describe accurately measured horizon lines.

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