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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cover a motion sensor light?

A quick solution that customers have said works well is to use black electrical tape to cover part of the sensor. Start by covering the edge of the sensor on the side you want to keep out of the detection area and use small pieces of tape to block it out.

Can you disable motion sensor outside lights?

Most manufacturers make it a fairly easy process to disable this main feature of the lights. A switch on the fixture should read "on time," usually found directly under the motion sensor. ... Once the flip is off, switch it back on immediately.

How do you bypass an outdoor light sensor?

How do you bypass a light sensor?

  1. Normally the switch is kept on all the time.
  2. If you turn the switch off and on within a second or so, the light will stay on, and this overrides motion detection.
  3. To go back to normal operation, turn the switch off and wait ~10 seconds, then turn back on.

How do you fix an outdoor motion sensor light?

How Can You Fix Motion Sensor Lights?

  1. Try Cleaning the Photocell. The photocell is an important part of the motion sensor light. ...
  2. Turn It Off and Back On. Believe it or not, sometimes all your motion sensor lights need is to be manually switched off and on again! ...
  3. Replace the Batteries. ...
  4. Replace the Bulb.

What are sensor lights and how to override them?

Sensor Lights – How to override and avoid confusion. Sensors and sensor lights are common place in most family homes these days. They’re great to for helping you find your car in the dark, preventing you from leaving the light on for days and for security precautions to keep thieves away!

How to adjust the light on a sensor?

HOW TO ADJUST YOUR SENSOR LIGHT 1 Move the LUX stetting to day mode being the sun picture and put the time on the minimum setting. 2 Switch the light switch on that controls the sensor. 3 Move the sensor to the direction you what it to scan. 4 Walk past the sensor to test the different areas you want it to activate.

Can you replace an outdoor light with a motion sensor?

You can conveniently replace an existing outdoor light fixture with one of these, as our photo series demonstrates. Yet you can still operate the lights in the normal way; the manufacturer’s instructions tell you how to shut off the detector when you don’t want it to operate.

How is the automatic light sensor connected to the wall?

There will be a black, white, and red wire coming out from the automatic light sensor. Connect the white wire to the white wire fixture and the wall box. The black wire is connected to the black wire of the wall box and the red wire should be connected to the black wire of the fixture.

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