How To Control Erosion With Landscaping?


Erosion control strategies that help keep your yard intact include installing rain gardens, applying mulch, planting soil-stabilizing vegetation and building structures, such as retaining walls and terraces.


The rushing rainwater tends to wash the soil away, along with the nutrients that plants need to thrive. You can use landscaping fabric to protect your garden from soil erosion. The material is permeable, able to let moisture and air penetrate the landscaping fabric while holding the soil in place.

Landscaping Tips : How to Control Erosion in Plant Landscapes

Part 1 – How to fix and prevent erosion in your yard

How to Control Erosion in Plant Landscapes

Frequently Asked Questions

Does landscaping reduce soil erosion?

An ancillary benefit to erosion prevention through landscaping is ground cover. Both the foliage of plants and mulching materials prevent precipitation from directly falling on loose topsoil.

What are the methods of controlling erosion?

15 Wonderful Methods to Control Erosion

  • Planting Vegetation. This method involves planting crops with deep roots that can hold the soil in place. ...
  • Contour Farming. ...
  • Applying Mulches. ...
  • Avoiding Overgrazing. ...
  • Reforestation. ...
  • Use Plastic Sheeting. ...
  • Use of Silt Fencing. ...
  • Applying Terraseeding Method.

How does a plant help to control erosion?

Above: Plant roots will hold soil in place on a slope. Certain plants are excellent at controlling erosion and slopes. The concept is that when plant roots get established, they anchor the soil.

What's the best way to control erosion on a slope?

Remove all rocks, plants and debris from the slope and compact the soil. Till or loosen the top 2 to 3 inches of soil on the slope. Amend the soil, if necessary, so that it is able to support the types of plants you intend to grow on the slope. Seed the areas of the slope where you want the vegetation to grow.

What can I put on my lawn to prevent erosion?

These are short-lived, as most will biodegrade or wash away over extended periods of time. Turfgrass can control erosion on minor slopes if the grass is healthy. A grass such as annual rye can germinate quickly and help stabilize soil while perennial grasses get established. Compacted soil is a major contributor to runoff.

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