How To Communicate With Your Spanish Speaking Landscaper?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I talk to a native speaker of Spanish about?

Hello! I'm a native speaker of Spanish looking for some conversation in English. I can help you with Spanish, but I’m living in Brazil, so I know some Portuguese. We can talk about nature, travel, science, music, food, and whatever you want to talk about!

How to get by without a Spanish speaker?

Here are some tips to get by without having a Spanish speaker in the office to do things like set appointments or to provide basic services. The first rule of thumb is to never get frustrated with Spanish speaking people. Remember, they are the ones trying to speak two languages.

How can I Help my Spanish speaking clients?

This might make people feel more comfortable, and feel reassured that if they go to your office or call at a certain time, they will be able to speak Spanish and have their questions answered appropriately. You could always hire a bilingual Spanish speaker who wants to work part time to translate and interpret for you.

Do you need a Spanish speaker in your office?

Although every office should have at least one person who speaks Spanish, sometimes it’s not easy to find the right person. There are things to do however, that will ease translation with a Spanish speaker if you and your staff don’t know any Spanish.

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