How To Clean Stainless Steel Dishwasher Exterior?


The Best At-Home Methods

  1. Add white vinegar to a clean spray bottle.
  2. Spray down your stainless-steel appliance.
  3. Wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.
  4. Once clean, dip your cloth into a small amount of olive oil.
  5. Move the cloth in the direction of the grain.


Cleaning a stainless steel dishwasher is easy. To clean the outside, use a damp cloth or sponge and wipe it down along the direction of the stainless steel grain. To clean the inside, check the drain for anything that might be clogging it. Run the dishwasher for a short cycle on high temperature with nothing but a cup of vinegar inside.

How to clean the inside of a stainless steel dishwasher

The one and only solution to cleaning hard water stains from stainless steel appliances BIO-CLEAN

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the outside of my dishwasher?

Clean the exterior of dishwasher with a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent. If your dishwasher has a stainless steel exterior, a stainless steel cleaner, such as affresh® Stainless Steel Cleaner is recommended. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products on the exterior of the dishwasher.

Can I use Windex on my stainless steel appliances?

Other Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel Fingerprint marks are common on stainless steel and can easily be removed with any common glass cleaner, such as Windex. ... Perhaps the oddest way to clean stainless steel appliances is by using WD-40. Simply spray some directly onto a rag, then wipe away.

How do I clean the outside of my stainless steel?

The quick clean: In most cases, wiping down the stainless steel appliance with a clean cloth dipped in hot water should do the trick. But for more stubborn stains, add a drop of dish soap to the water and use the sudsy solution to wipe the surface. Rinse with water and dry thoroughly.

How often should you clean a stainless steel dishwasher?

You should wipe the stainless steel dishwasher front every day with warm water and then dry it. If possible use deionized water to help prevent staining and marks. Go with distilled or filter water. To remove stains, you can use a commercial cleaner. Always read directions and spot-test first.

How do you put a rinse aid in a dishwasher?

Rinse aid helps maximize drying by helping water droplets slide off dishware. To add rinse aid, simply open the door to the rinse aid compartment, pour the rinse aid in, and wipe away any spillage around the opening of the compartment with a soft cloth. Click here for instructions on how to add rinse-aid to your dishwasher.

Why do you need to descale your dishwasher?

Dishwashers are used on a regular basis which means that limescale can build up quickly, especially in hard water areas. To keep your dishwasher working as efficiently and effectively as possible, and to ensure your dishes come out perfectly clean, regular descaling is important. How to descale a dishwasher?

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