How To Clean Bathroom Countertop After Install?


Add your favorite bathroom cleaner or a cup or two of white vinegar. Rub the mixture around the faucet. Dip a rag into the water and wipe down the countertop. Then toss the small items that need cleaning into the water, such as your soap tray or toothpaste cup.


Use warm water and a dishcloth or sponge. If the spill has dried, you can use warm, soapy water to clean it up. Put a bit of dish soap on a rag, then add warm water to make it sudsy. Wipe it over the spill or residue to clean it up, then rinse it with clean warm water.

Cleaning a Vanity Counter

Cleaning Your Countertops

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deep clean a bathroom counter?

Clean countertops and shelving with a 1:1 mixture of water and vinegar and a microfiber cloth. Dust and/or wipe down items from the counter tops and shelves as you replace them. Clean the shower and bathtub with a 1:1 mixture of blue Dawn dishwashing detergent and vinegar.

How do you clean laminate bathroom countertops?

Cleaning laminate countertops is as simple as cleaning the dishes. Take a non-abrasive brush or sponge, and add warm water and a drop of dish soap. Scrub the countertops until the suds lift away the dirt and grime. Rinse your sponge with clean water, and wring out continually.

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