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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change orientation in DaVinci Resolve?

Set DaVinci Resolve to Edit mode and press on Inspector. You can find the Inspector drop-down menu in the upper right corner of your workspace. After that, a menu with different types of parameters will drop down, look for the Transform section and find Rotation Angle, afterward just set whatever value you desire.

Can you edit portrait video in DaVinci Resolve?

In the video Transform panel, keep the XY Zoom fields linked and just increase the size by ~1.750. Use XY Zoom to scale your video to fit the vertical frame. Voilà, you now have a vertical video you can edit, post-process or export. A vertical video timeline.

How do I rotate an image in DaVinci Resolve?

2 Answers

  1. Go to "Edit" mode (the Edit button is at the bottom of the window)
  2. Drag the clip you want to correct into the timeline.
  3. Select the clip.
  4. Pick the Inspector from the top right corner of the window.
  5. You should see a Transform section on right panel where you can rotate/zoom.

What happens when you crop a video in DaVinci Resolve?

This will change the resolution on the timeline or your whole project. It will “not” change your video. For example: Your video is in 1920:1080 also known as 16:9. If you want to play your video to fit a wider screen without getting those black bars on the sides since it’s not wide enough.

Can you use DaVinci Resolve on Instagram videos?

Well, you can still use those landscape videos for these mobile platforms by converting them in DaVinci Resolve. If didn't convert the landscape videos and uploaded them to say Instagram, about 1/3rd of the video will be cropped. So it's a good idea to convert it first in DaVinci Resolve to a mobile-friendly format then upload it.

What happens when you change the Y axis in DaVinci Resolve?

Which means they are linked together. Whenever you change the X-axis you’ll also change the Y-axis. So by clicking on the sign it will change color from white to gray which means they are now unlinked. Then if you change one of the axes, you are literally just changing one of the axes. This result in squeezing and destroying the footage.

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