How To Change Nook Simple Touch To Landscape Mode?


That is, if you turn your NOOK so that its left edge becomes the bottom edge of the screen, your NOOK switches from portrait mode to landscape mode. Tap the Orientation checkbox to turn this rotation feature on or off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my NOOK screen to rotate?

0:101:17How to Get a NOOK to Read Sideways : NOOK & NOOK Colors ...YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipFirst I'm going to start off by hitting the center button and going to my settings.MoreFirst I'm going to start off by hitting the center button and going to my settings.

How can I change the orientation of my Nook Tablet?

The standard orientation for the NOOK Tablet is what computer folk call portrait mode. If you rotate the tablet, it switches to landscape mode. That brings you to the Auto-Rotate Screen check box: Tap it to turn the feature on or off. Brightness. Tap to open a dialog box that has a slider, so you can make the screen brighter or dimmer.

Can you use the Nook Simple Touch without registering?

I really, really hate companies that don’t let you use their devices without registering them in some way. Even Apple isn’t that evil. But Barnes & Noble is. I recently purchased a Nook Simple Touch as a gift for someone and wanted to set it up with some books for them. I’ve done this before with a Kindle without any problems.

Where are the quick settings on the Nook?

You’ll find the status bar on the bottom of the NOOK Tablet touchscreen. Tap the right corner of the bar near the battery status indicator to open the Quick Settings dialog box. To close the Quick Settings dialog box, tap anywhere outside the box.

Where is the factory button on the Nook?

A ‘Factory’ button should appear in the top left corner of the screen. Press it. Once in the Factory menu, hold down the top right button on the front of the device and tap the bottom right corner of the screen. You should now see a ‘Skip Oobe’ button. Tap that and the Nook should finally load the home screen. Hope this helps someone.

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