How To Calculate The Exterior Angle Of A Heptagon?


What is the exterior angle of a Heptagon? Sum of exterior angles: 360 degrees Number of sides: 6 Formula to find the measure of each exterior angle for a regular hexagon: 360/n (n=number of sides) So: 360/6 60 So yeah, you are right. As a demonstration of this, drag any vertex towards the center of the polygon.


the size of each exterior angle = 360∘ ÷ number of sides In this case, the size of the exterior angle of a regular heptagon is 51.43∘ because 360∘ ÷ 7 = 51.43∘ And the interior angle must be 128.57∘ because 180∘ –51.43∘ = 128.57∘


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the exterior of Heptagon?

Properties of regular heptagons

Interior angle128.571°
Exterior Angle 51.429°
Area 3.633s2 approx

What is the sum of exterior angle of Heptagon?

360°Properties of Heptagon The sum of the exterior angles is 360°.

What is the measure of an exterior angle of a regular?

360 degreesExterior angles of a polygon have several unique properties. The sum of exterior angles in a polygon is always equal to 360 degrees.

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