How To Build Large Exterior Farm Barn Doors?


Use metal clamps and galvanized screws or nails to assemble the exterior barn doors frame. Cut a transverse reinforcement to install it in the center of the frame. For large barn doors, use a diagonal strap on both halves of the frame. Place cut boards at the height of the barn door at the top of the frame.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a heavy duty barn door?

Steps for Building Metal Barn Doors

  1. Frame the Door. Measure your barn opening to determine the size of the doors. ...
  2. Add the Metal. Once you have the frame of the door ready to go, it's time to add the metal. ...
  3. Mark Your Hinges. ...
  4. Hang the Door. ...
  5. Add the Latch on the Outside. ...
  6. Rinse and Repeat. ...
  7. Add an Indoor Latch. ...
  8. A Few Extra Tips.

How to build a large wooden barn door?

Drive 2 screws through each board and into the crosspiece. Lay the 10 foot long 2x6 between the two crosspieces diagonally, so it extends from one end of the lower crosspiece to the opposite end of the upper crosspiece. Mark a line on this diagonal piece along the edges of the 2 horizontal diagonal pieces.

Are there any barn doors that look like garages?

Sliding Barn Door Open (Revealing Glass Garage Door)... We build barn garages every day. In fact, barn-like garages are The Barn Yard’s signature look. Why build a standard garage when you can bring rustic charm to your new building.

How big does a sliding barn door need to be?

What you need to remember when building this kind of door, is to make your door 6" wider than the width of your aisle. For example, if your center aisle is exactly 12' wide, your door must be 12'-6" wide (or each of your door panels would need to be 6'-3" wide).

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