How To Build Landscape Mounds?


Tips For Making Landscape Mounds And Berms

  1. Sketch The Design To Scale On A Graph Paper Beforehand.
  2. Put Down Your Layout Plan.
  3. Remove The Turf Layer In The Marked Lawn.
  4. Fill The Area With Clean Dirt To Build Up The Berm.
  5. Fill The Remaining Few Inches With Clay Soil.
  6. Add Top Soil Over The Clay Layer.


How To Build A Berm Or Landscape Mounds

  • Sketch The Landscape Berm Design To Scale On A Graph Paper Beforehand. Having a sketch of the berm to scale will help…
  • Put Down Your Layout Plan. Lay out the entire berm shape on the ground using the garden hose; garden hoses are preferred…
  • Remove The Turf Layer In The Marked Lawn. Use your spade to remove the turf clutter so…

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Frequently Asked Questions

and place it aside on a tarp. Then place the new soil into area [C] and then build the mound with the parent soil.

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Use a garden rake to form a mound that will be 4 to 6 inches or more in height at the center of your flower bed and gradually taper to ground level at the perimeter of the flowerbed. Note, the larger the flowerbed the higher the mound should be at the center of the bed.

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Building a berm or mound on a garden usually uses various kinds of fills such as sand, soil, asphalt, rubble, and even plant debris. Any of these fillers or a combination of them is formed to achieve the desired shape of the berm and tempered to guarantee a compact finish.

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