How To Build A Landscape Rake?


Cut a straight 1×4 board 2’ to 3’ long. Position a garden rake on the middle of the board. Drill holes in the board, and attach a piece of steel pipe strap to the board using bolts and wing nuts. Insert the rake under the metal strap and tighten up the nuts.

DIY landscape rake build DAY 1! Cat 0/1

How To Build The Best Lawn Leveling Rake

Mini Landscape Rake

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build your own rock rake?

This should depend upon your requirement, the tractor size (if you are going to use your rake with one), and the landscape of the area that would use your rake. Determine the length of the arm that would connect the rake tine frame to the tractor. Get a metal frame, preferably made of heavy metals, for the rake.

How to choose the best landscaping rake for your backyard?

The Handle The right rake for you should have a comfortable handle that feels good in your hands and is strong enough for the work being done. A rake with a corrosion resistant handle is usually the best choice as these rakes tend to be used in moist conditions. 2. The Tines

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