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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you brighten outdoor bricks?

Paint the Brick Painting the brick is the most extreme solution for a dark brick exterior, but it brightens the look. It's a good option when you don't like the brick color at all. Neutral paint colors ranging from white to taupe tend to look best.

How can I lighten the color of my exterior brick?

  1. Remove all chips and loose fragments from the brick using a wire brush. ...
  2. Wipe down the brick with a wet rag. ...
  3. Cover the brick with a heavy-duty exterior primer. ...
  4. Paint the brick a lighter color using an exterior paint specifically made for cement and brick surfaces. ...
  5. Clean the brick with the pressure washer.

What's the best way to brighten the exterior of a house?

You can brighten the walls yourself with a simple cleaning solution, a hose or power washer and a bit of manpower. Before cleaning the exterior brick, protect any surrounding surfaces from spraying debris. Place a plastic tarp over any nearby landscaping, such as bushes and flower gardens. Protect window and door trim with strips of painter's tape.

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