How To Brace 2×4 Exterior Walls?

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How to Brace an Exterior Wall

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you brace an outside wall?

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How do you brace a wall for framing?

Nail the studs every 16 inches on center like a real wall. Stand the wall up, nail the bottom plate to the floor and then go to one end or the other of the wall, and start pushing on the top plate of the wall. You'll discover it doesn't take much effort at all to make the wall start to fold down on itself.

What's the best way to brace a wall diagonally?

Straighten the wall back up making all the studs plumb and then nail another stud on the face of the vertical wall studs that’s at a diagonal from one bottom corner of the wall to the upper corner of the wall at the opposite end. Now try to push the top plate and see what happens. No matter how hard you push, the top plate will not budge.

What happens if you build a house without diagonal bracing?

Imagine what would happen if you built a home with no, or inferior, diagonal bracing and a severe windstorm blows against the house. Without diagonal bracing, the wind would push against the walls just like you pushed against that simple wall to make it collapse.

Are there any Home Builders that use 2x4 framing?

That’s good news to scores of local, regional and national home builders that swear by 2x4 construction. Not so long ago, many home builders feared they would be forced to scrap building plans and well-established work flows in favor of 2x6 exterior wall construction.

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