How To Assemble Landscape Timbers?


How to Install Landscape Timbers

  1. Mark where you plan to install the front edge of the edging with a pair of stakes and a string. …
  2. Dig a trench approximately 3 or 4 inches deep with a shovel. …
  3. Set the landscape timbers in the trench. …
  4. Measure the length of any timbers you need to cut.


  • As you lay the timbers, check that the course is roughly level.
  • If necessary, shim the low ends with thin strips of wood.
  • At 90-degree corners, square the timbers with a framing square.

Remove and install border around garden.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stack landscaping timbers?

Stack the landscape timbers in their intended configuration and in the location where you plan to install them. You may need to even out the ground a little with a shovel. Place the rebar through the holes and then use a sledgehammer to pound it into the ground until it is flush with the top landscape timber.

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