How To Analyse Competitive Landscape?


A competitive landscape analysis typically consists of two major steps: 1) identifying your competitors and 2) getting insights into their business and strategy. Some competitor analysis frameworks might also include gathering competitive intelligence about the external environment such as industry, politics, laws and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Analyse a competitive landscape?

8 Steps to create a competitive landscape analysis

  1. Get organized. Competitive landscape analysis example. ...
  2. Identify your competition. ...
  3. Analyze their content. ...
  4. Monitor their social media. ...
  5. Analyze their marketing strategy and offers. ...
  6. Evaluate their offers and pricing. ...
  7. Determine their positioning. ...
  8. Use frameworks: SWOT the PEST.

What are the tools and techniques of competitive analysis?

Content marketing ideation – compare your content to better target your industry. Competitor research – position your business against the competition. Market intelligence – monitor industry leaders to improve your SEO and PPC efforts. Backlink analysis – track competitors' backlinks, score referring domains.

How is PEST analysis used in competitive analysis?

The PEST analysis looks at external factors that affect a product or service. Namely, they are Political factors, Economic factors, Social factors, and Technological factors. By gathering this information you can determine how your competitors will behave in the face of changes occurring in these areas.

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