How To Add A Landscape Page In Indesign?


When you create a new document, you can set its page orientation and size. If you ever need to change your settings after you’ve created a document, choose File→Document Setup and change the following options, which affect all pages in your document: Page Orientation: Select either Landscape or Portrait.


Launch Adobe InDesign and follow these steps, to one or more pages in landscape format create: Click in the upper menu bar on "file" > "New" > "document". Set the number of pages and determine the dimensions of your document. To the right of the dimensions, you can find the Option of "orientation".

How to Rotate Page on Adobe Indesign CC

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add a page to an InDesign document?

How to Add Pages to InDesign 1 Open the InDesign Pages palette. Using your mouse, select "Window" and choose "Pages". 2 Add pages manually. Using the Pages palette, add pages to your InDesign document. 3 Increase pages automatically. If you want to add several pages all at once, InDesign provides a method for doing this. ... See More....

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