How Thick Are Exterior Walls In A Skysc?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How thick are apartment exterior walls?

So a typical stick-framed (wood or steel studs) apartment building will have nominal “six inch” (5½ inch actual) studs, plus a minimum of ½ inch wallboard on the interior, a minimum ½ inch sheeting on the exterior, plus siding which may be as much as ¾ inch. So that makes for a wall that's around 7¼ inches thick.

How thick is a standard commercial wall?

The minimum thickness for commercial walls is generally 5½ inches, with 7¼ inches the most typical thickness (reinforced with 1.3 to 2.5 psf of reinforcing).

What should be the thickness of an exterior wall?

If they are cast horizontally and tilted into place, they will be 6 to 8 inches thick. Exterior walls usually have an exterior finish material such as brick (add about 3 1/2″) or maybe stucco (add about an inch) or some type siding (wood, aluminum or vinyl will add about an inch) to the framing numbers previously mentioned.

How can I Make my Exterior wall thicker?

You can create the impression of a thicker exterior wall by adding closets or cabinets around a window, perhaps adding a seat below the window. That makes about a 5-inch thickness for its basic construction. These may add another 1 to 3 inches to the wall’s thickness.

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