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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a guide for authors for landscape and urban planning?

Introductory Note: This Guide for Authors for Landscape and Urban Planning includes revisions to the Aims and Scope, Article Types, and Special Issue policies discussed in editorials published in Vols. 105-106 (2012) of the journal.

Where did the first landscape literature come from?

Possibly the earliest landscape literature is found in Australian aboriginal myths (also known as Dreamtime or Dreaming stories, songlines, or Aboriginal oral literature), the stories traditionally performed by Aboriginal peoples within each of the language groups across Australia.

Is there such a thing as a landscape?

At least it is not “there” in the sense that the apparent physicality of landscape, its geographical location, its geology and terrain, do not determine some of the most important aspects of its being, for all that they appear to be its most immediate characteristics. Landscapes are created by omission and suppression, both visual and ideological.

Why are writers interested in the natural world?

Over the past few years, the genre of ‘nature writing’ has seen a new sense of urgency, fostered by a growing awareness of a natural world under pressure. Dr Robert Macfarlane, from the Faculty of English, believes that writers have played, and continue to play, a central role in conservation by engaging our hearts and our minds.

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