How Tall To Make Bathroom Vanity Mirror?


You want your mirror to be at least 4 to 7 feet above the floor. But, if you don’t have a wall-mounted overhead mirror or lights that will get in the way of a taller mirror, use tall mirrors to create height in the room. Tall mirrors can also help a vanity look balanced in a space with a super high ceiling.


After determining the measurement that specifies how long your mirror is you must consider the height. A bathroom mirror should be no taller than your vanity and placed at least 4 to 6 inches from the ceiling. If lighting is located directly above the mirror space then this must also be factored into the height of your mirror.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How high should a makeup mirror be?

Choose a Good Location If you'll be using it primarily while standing, InStraight recommends placing it from 54 to 60 inches above the floor, and if you'll be sitting, it should be 37 to 44 inches from the floor. If the mirror has a light, you have to install it near a receptacle so you can plug it in.

What's the best way to choose a vanity mirror?

Ideally, your vanity mirror should not be bigger or wider than the space itself. The easiest and safest way to pick one is by choosing a mirror that is almost as wide as the space you wanted it to be placed.

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