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Frequently Asked Questions

How will self-driving car services affect mass transit?

According to a simulation, deployment of self-driving taxis combined with mass transit systems could eliminate up to 90% of cars7 in use and reduce commuter times by an average of ten percent. In small and medium-sized cities it could even replace the entire public transport system(link is external).

How can self-driving cars help the elderly?

Autonomous vehicles represent a less-contentious solution than mandatory driver re-testing for seniors. In every case, the AVs could help our seniors access the doctor and personal care appointments, food, supplies and community gatherings essential to healthy and happy living," Berwick said.

Are autonomous vehicles more sustainable?

Electric Self-Driving Cars Could Have Even More of an Impact On their own, electric cars have incredible stats when it comes to sustainability. Namely, they're 95 percent efficient, in comparison to the 30 percent efficiency at which traditional combustion engines run.

Are self-driving cars sustainable?

Autonomous cars are free of human errors, including accelerating too quickly or braking unnecessarily, and are programmed to take the most efficient routes. Thus, a single self-driving car should almost always be more sustainable than a regular car on a per-unit basis.

Can you drive a van under a bridge?

Though vans are not as large as semi trucks, they are significantly taller than normal cars, meaning they may not be able to go under bridges and ledges other vehicles can. Before going under a low ledge, check the clearance sign on top to see if your van is short enough to fit underneath. Do not go under ledges that are lower than your vehicle.

What do you need to know about driving a van?

To keep items from shifting during transit, hold them in place with bungee cords strapped to the van’s interior hook holes. Stay under the weight limit. If you’re hauling cargo, make sure whatever you pack stays within your van’s hauling limit.

What's the best way to drive a cargo van?

If your cargo van has a clear back window, turn your head and look through it to make sure there are no cars in your blind spot. If necessary, get out of your van to check the surroundings before backing up. Be cautious before going under bridges and other low ledges.

What makes a van different from a semi truck?

Unlike semi trucks, most modern vans have similar dashboards to cars. However, the gauges and icons may look or be arranged differently, so take some time to learn their design and placement. Keep an eye out for features specific to larger vehicles, like multiple gas tanks, or modern vehicles, like dashboard cameras.

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