How Reliance Jio Changed The Telecom Landscape?


Apart from free voice for life, Jio didn’t charge for data for the first six months. … It started charging for data from April 1, but at much lower rates than rivals. In the process, it has notched up around 130 million users, or over 10% market share.


Reliance Jio has changed the entire telecom industry as the company introduced free voice calls, which used to contribute 80 percent to the revenues. In shorts, Jio changed the way Indians lived by offering free services for at least six months.

How Reliance Jio Changed Indian Telecom Industry ? | Full Explained.

How did Jio become Successful | Economics of Jio

Reliance Jio : How it changed Indian telecom industry forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Jio change the telecom industry?

Reliance Jio brought a change by providing high speed internet data at cheaper and affordable rates which was not a trend, earlier telecom operators use to charge more prices in order to have access to high speed data and initially they used PM Narendra Modi in their promotions which was a major influential factor to ...

How did Reliance Jio change the telecom market in India?

With the tremendous scale and 4G infrastructure, Jio has been able to make money while upending the Indian mobile market. Competitors have been forced to cut prices to compete, leading to a 35% drop in revenue in the industry over the past two years despite an expanding market.

How does Jio disrupted the market?

"Jio disrupted the Indian telecom provider category with its deep discount prices for data consumption. It forced competitors to lower their prices and drove category consolidation," the report said. All telecom consumers not only Jio customers have been benefited from Jio's action, it added.

How Jio is different from other networks?

Our testers on Jio's network were able to find a 4G signal 91.6% of the time, an exceptional availability measurement by any global standard. In comparison, no other Indian operator scored higher than 60% in our availability tests.

How did Reliance Jio change the telecom industry in India?

Reliance Jio officially launched its commercial operations on this day one year ago, and it has drastically changed the telecom sector with its free voice calls and cheap 4G services that changed the way Indian users consumed data.

How many 4G subscribers does Reliance Jio have?

Analysts believe, that by the end of the preview offer (the offer ends on 31 December, but there are reports that it may be extended till 31 March 2017), the network, which has been adding 1-1.2 million subscribers a day, will likely have 25 million 4G customers.

Which is cheaper Airtel or Reliance Jio data plan?

Anticipating this, just a couple of days before Jio announced its data plans, Airtel slashed its prepaid tariffs by 80%, and the other operators followed suit. A closer analysis showed that although Jio’s offering was certainly the cheapest, it wasn’t cheaper by much.

What is the current user base of Jio in India?

At the time, Chairman Mukesh Ambani had said this growth is faster than even what global giants such as Facebook and WhatsApp recorded. The Jio user base currently stands at 130 million. Improved broadband Internet availability: India’s telecom regulator TRAI defines broadband speeds as anything above 512kbps or above.

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