How Plants Can Be Used In Landscape Design?


Plants serve three major functions in our landscapes: architectural, engineering and environmental. … Plants serve an architectural function by defining the floors, walls and ceilings of our outdoor rooms. Plants serve an architectural function by defining the floors, walls and ceilings of our outdoor rooms.


Consider the Function of Plants. From a design perspective, plant materials have three major functions in the landscape: aesthetic, structural and utilitarian. Aesthetically, plants create a visually pleasant environment and structurally plants organize and define spaces.

Plants and Layering – Garden Design

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is plant support in your landscape area?

Controlling erosion – plants reduce the intensity of rainfall hitting the ground, increase the absorption of water into the soil and help hold soil together. Providing habitat – vegetation provides refuge, breeding and nursery habitat for wildlife above and below the ground.

What are five functions that a plant can have in the landscape?

Texture, form, size, and color are the physical characteristics of plants that provide interest, variety, and aesthetic appeal to a landscape. Besides being essential to life on our planet, plants add beauty and charm with their unique forms and color.

How are trees used in landscape design?

Planting Trees:- Planting Of Trees Is Done For The Purpose- 1. To Provide Shade And Shadows At the Certain Area. 2. Since It Provides Shadow, It Reduces Artificial Cooling Costs.

What are the uses of plants in landscaping?

FUNCTIONAL AND ARCHITECTURAL VALUE Fig: Plants can be used to screen the hot summer sun while allowing sunlight through bare branches in winter for a type of climate control. Fig: Engineering with plant design reduces light glare. 20.

How are shrubs used in a landscape design?

Landscape uses of shrubs  Shrubbery border- Area of the garden devoted exclusively for growing shrubs planted in a row or rectangular fashion is known as a shrubbery border. 16. Climbers  Climbers are the group of plants which have weak stems and ability to climb up the support with the help of modified organs via: ,Tendrils, Thorns,Roots, etc.

How are plants and trees used in architecture?

Plants as architecture Plants and trees can be used in architecture as to emphasize and complement the existing building and to create outdoor spaces. Trees, shrubs and ground covers can be used to emphasize the desirable architectural lines and masses of the house.

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