How Much Voltage Do I Need From Landscape Transformer?


Transformers generally range from 150- to 900-watt capacity. Matching the size of the transformer to the lighting design is important for efficient operation and function of the system. House current, 120 volts, is reduced by a transformer to 12 to 20 volts, the current needed to operate low-voltage landscaping lights.


When operating low voltage landscape lights, you need a transformer to transform your standard house line voltage 110V or 120V into low voltage 12V or 24V, the current needed to operate low-voltage landscaping lights. This enables your lights to function accurately.

Understanding Low-Voltage Transformers ~ Volts ~ Watts ~ What You Need To Know When Choosing One

Frequently Asked Questions

What wattage landscape transformer do I need?

So, if you want to connect eight landscape lights to an electronic transformer, and the lights use 20 watts each, you would need a 160 watt transformer. (8 lights X 20 watts = 160 watts).

What should the voltage be on a landscape lighting transformer?

Installers should always have a multi-meter when installing outdoor landscape lighting. When hooking up a run of lights, check the voltage at the last fixture of the run. If the voltage is 11.3 volts (for example) then you’ll need to move up from the 12-volt terminal to the 13-volt terminal.

How big of a transformer do I Need?

Transformers commonly range from 120- to 900-watt capacity. Pairing the size of the transformer to the lighting design is important for good operation and function of your light system. Many transformers come with connections for lights of various wattage for versatility, so you can use the same transformer for different light systems.

Where can I run low voltage landscape lighting?

Running low voltage landscape 100+ feet from transformer | LawnSite™ is the largest and most active online forum serving green industry professionals. This weekend I was attempting to run low voltage landscape lighting to a place a good distance from the transformer. Specifically, the line ran nearly 100 feet before reaching the first light.

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