How Much To Install A Bathroom Basin?


While you can get a good evaluation of estimated costs when planning work on your bathroom, the end figure can vary. Our recommended installers quoted a range of £160 to £210 for small jobs like fitting a pedestal basin with taps, while larger tasks such as tiling a bathroom came in with an average fee of around £85 per square metre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does basin installation cost?

Cost to Install Sink Including labor, it costs $398 on average to install a new sink, with most homeowners paying between $215 and $591. From the low end to high end, costs could range from $100 to $1,100 or more. Project prices depend on the type of sink and amount of labor needed.

How much does it cost to put in a basin?

An inexpensive basin might cost around $150 and even vessel sinks can cost around $170. On the upper end of the scale, above counter basins can cost $400 or more and if you want an unusual colour, they can cost up to $1600 for matte or gloss black basins.

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