How Much Should I Tip Exterior House Painters?


House painter Tipping is not required or expected, but if you are especially pleased with your new paint job, you can give each painter $10 to $20, depending on the scope of the work. Even better than a tip, however, would be to give the painter a positive review on Yelp, HomeAdvisor or similar websites.


Otherwise, If you’d still like to tip your house painters cash, you can tip $20 – $40 per painter, depending on the size of the job. Your house painters will be happy to receive the tip. Some sites and message boards suggest tipping 15% – 20% but that’s just excessive for a job that isn’t normally tipped.

Exterior house painting tip – caulking above windows and door frames.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you tip an artist for a painting?

If you can afford to, tip, especially if you got more than you expected, if the work was done really quick, or the artist was super nice. ... If you end up paying $15 for a commission you love (and you can afford to), tip another $15. You'll make the artist's day and you're still getting a bargain.

Do you tip a handyman?

The sum most frequently mentioned as an appropriate tip for a handyman is $20. Other recommended amounts include the equivalent of one day's pay or 10-15% of the total charge (for a large job). For smaller tasks, many homeowners round up the bill, for example paying $100 for a bill of $85. 9.

When do you tip a painter for painting your house?

You may also decide to tip if the work is completed around the holidays. Tipping a house painter may encourage him to do more work for you in the future if he has to decide between jobs. You may also want to tip the house painter if he completed custom work, such as a mural, or did extra work upon your request.

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