How Much Does Disney World Spend On Landscaping?


Based on the number of acres and Disney’s location, it costs around $1.69 million to maintain Disney’s landscaping, according to Homewyse’s Lawn Maintenance Calculator; although it’s likely a lot less due to the large parking lot and other areas that don’t need the same level of care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the landscaping for Disneyland?

Ruth Shellhorn, Landscape Architect Disneyland is visited by eighteen million people each year.

Where does Disney get their plants?

Disney's Florida property uses 3.5 million annual flowers, herbs and vegetables each year. It buys common varieties from area growers and grows the less-common and more-expensive “specialty” plants in its own 35-acre nursery, located near Animal Kingdom.

Are the plants at Disney World real?

The trees depicted in Harambe are huge and would be hundreds of years old if real. And since the baobab tree is not native to Florida, Disney had to create reproductions out of concrete and wire. If you look closely at the upper branches, you can see they are actually rebar.

What is the most expensive thing at Disney World?

The 5 Most Expensive Things in Disney World You Should Still Buy

  • Grand Floridian lobby.
  • Pangani Exploration Trail on the Wild Africa Trek.
  • Main Dining Room at Victoria & Albert's.
  • Unlock the secrets of Magic Kingdom.
  • Barber Shop on Main Street, U.S.A.

How did Walt Disney come up with the landscaping for Disneyland?

As was typical, Walt assembled a unique team of experts to bring Disneyland into bloom. “In giving credit for the landscaping at the Park,” Walt wrote in the foreword to the 1965 book “Disneyland World of Flowers,” “it is impossible to mention all who have contributed.

How much does it cost to maintain Disney World?

Estimated Cost of Landscaping Per Day: $1.69 Million Based on the number of acres and Disney's location, it costs around $1.69 million to maintain Disney's landscaping, according to Homewyse's Lawn Maintenance Calculator; although it's likely a lot less due to the large parking lot and other areas that don't need the same level of care.

How much money does Disney World spend on fireworks?

Hard to give an exact figure but Disney is the #1 purchaser of pyrotechnics in the world. Figure every park has a firework show ever day (weather permitting) at $20,00-$50,00 per show and that's a lot of dough. How much does a 20 minutes, decent quality fireworks display cost?

How much does it cost to put on a Disney show?

Disney Parks spends over $50 million a year on fireworks and pyrotechnic effects. Here’s how that all breaks down: In the U.S. there are six total Disney parks (all of which produce some form of nighttime show involving pyrotechnics). It is estimated that Magic Kingdom’s show, “Wishes” costs $41,000- $55,000 a night to produce.

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