How Much Dirt For Landscaping?


Usually, 8 inches of topsoil is needed to fill a new garden bed or raised bed. If you intend to add topsoil to your lawn, you will need approximately 4-6 inches of topsoil to give you the healthy lawn you desire.


Landscaping Dirt Delivery Costs

Material Cost Per Cubic Yard
Topsoil $10 – $50
Black Dirt $15 – $25
Fill Dirt $5 – $25
Screened Loam $18 – $26

Jul 5 2021

How Much Soil Does My Garden Need?

Estimating Soil Dirt Volume for Yard Fill Projects by Dalton Quigley

Landscaping Project What Does a Dump Truck 22 Tons of Fill Dirt looks like, my Order 88 Tons

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate how much dirt I need?

Length in feet x Width in feet x Depth in feet (inches divided by 12). Take the total and divide by 27 (the amount of cubic feet in a yard). The final figure will be the estimated amount of cubic yards required.

How much soil do I need for landscaping?

It's important to consider the scale of your landscaping project and what exactly you are trying to do. Filling a new garden bed typically means you will need about 8 inches of topsoil. If you are planning to add topsoil to your lawn, you will need right around 4-6 inches of topsoil to cover it up.

How much does 25l of soil cover?

Lawn soil, 25 L bag. Covers up to 4 sq. ft.

How many square feet will 5 yards of dirt?

One Cubic Yard = 27 Cubic Feet Length x Width = Square Feet

1 YD5 YDDepth
6 Inches 54 sq.ft. 270 sq.ft.
7 Inches 46 sq.ft. 230 sq.ft.
8 Inches 41 sq.ft. 203 sq.ft.

11 more rows

How to calculate fill dirt for a landscape?

Following is the fill dirt formula on how to calculate fill dirt for a landscape. Volume = Width x Length x Depth The fill dirt calculator offers different units that you can use such as yards, feet, inches, meters and centimeters. You can calculate the dirt costs in terms of cubic yards, cubic feet and cubic meters.

How can I find out how much soil I need for my Garden?

Estimate the soil needed for a landscape bed by measuring the length, width, and depth (English or metric units) of the space you want to fill. Enter your values below to find the volume of topsoil or fill dirt needed. Read below for more details.

How many square feet does one yard of dirt cover?

For gardening, one yard of dirt covers 41 square feet at 8" deep. It takes about 400 yards of dirt to cover an acre 3" deep. How Many Yards of Dirt Are In A Dump Truck?

How many cubic yards of dirt to fill a flower bed?

Therefore, you would need 2.67 cubic yards of dirt to fill the flower bed. The same result can be found another way. Here’s how to convert all three dimensions to yards: Multiply the three dimensions together to find the number of cubic yards (0.167 x 4 x 4 = 2.67 cu. yd.)

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