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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the IKEA Godmorgon mirror come from?

Salt & Rook Sprucing up a 1915 Center Hall Dutch Colonial in Syracuse, NY. We’ve been using our Ikea Godmorgon vanity and mirror for about three months now. When we first “revealed” our ~ partially finished ~ bathroom on our Instagram, we had a few questions about the Godmorgon vanity and mirrored cabinet.

Is the Godmorgon bathroom sink easy to clean?

Because of the simple lines of both the sink and the faucet, the sink is incredibly easy to clean. Not many nooks and crannies to address. A few wipes with a cloth and you’re basically done. The drain plug is also super simple to remove and clean.

How many legs do you need for a Godmorgon Vanity?

With the advice of Yellow Brick Home, I purchased legs from Pretty Pegs for our vanity. Although the Godmorgon is a floating-style vanity, I wanted it to look more like a freestanding vanity. We purchased three legs: one for each front corner and a third for the center middle to help support the weight of the sink.

Do you need plastic organizer for Godmorgon mirror?

If you are considering the Godmorgon vanity and don’t want to buy the accompanying plastic organizers, consider setting aside time to come up with a custom organization solution. The mirror is massive and also has tons of storage. I have to stand on my tip-toes to reach the top shelf, which I’m okay with!

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