How Low Should A Chandelier Hang In A Bathroom?


Ceiling Height The National Electrical Code sets the standard for residential electrical safety. To pass inspection, a bathroom chandelier (or any light, fan or vent) needs to be at least 8 feet above the tub or 3 feet out from it.


Some electricians may be wary to hang a chandelier above a bathtub for safety reasons. But if you have tall ceilings, like we do in our master bathroom, you can hang a chandelier over the tub. Just make sure there is at least 8 feet of clearance. Some experts recommend allowing 8 feet from the top of the tub to the bottom of the chandelier.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How high off the floor should a chandelier hang?

Hang chandeliers at least 7 feet above the ground in living rooms and entryways with standard 8-foot ceilings, and hang them around 8 feet high with taller ceilings. If the chandelier hangs from a 2-story ceiling, don't let it hang lower than the height of the first floor.

How low do you hang pendant lights in bathroom?

You should hang your pendant light at least two feet from the top of the ceiling. You can also measure your bathroom from the floor to the ceiling. Be sure to measure closest to the wall so that you can mark the appropriate height that works for you.

How low is too low for a chandelier?

In general, your chandelier should hang no lower than 30 inches to 36 inches above your table. While these rules can be bent to accommodate the interplay of room elements, this is a tried-and-true estimate for matching your chandelier to a space.

How tall does a chandelier need to be in a bathroom?

To pass inspection, a bathroom chandelier (or any light, fan or vent) needs to be at least 8 feet above the tub or 3 feet out from it. A local, licensed electrician will be your best resource on electrical matters, Mikulka says. “We have to know all the rules.

Can a chandelier be hung in any room in the House?

You can hang a chandelier in practically any room in the house – from the foyer to a large walk-in closet. When hanging the chandelier, make sure to hang it at the proper height.

How to figure out the size of a dining room chandelier?

To approximate the diameter or maximum width of your fixture, add the length and width of your room in feet. Change the unit to inches on the sum you obtain to approximate the fixture size. For example, if you have a dining room that is 13'x14', then you'll need an approximately 27" fixture.

Which is the best shape for a chandelier?

For this type of table something more linear will be a better fit. The shape of your chandelier should complement the shape of the chandelier. A round table looks best with a chandelier that is either round or square. For long narrow tables you may want to consider a chandelier that is more rectangular than round.

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