How Long Does Exterior Render Take To Dry?


To summarize, you need to wait for at least 28 days to enable your newly rendered walls to dry before you begin with the painting process.

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A VERY wet Welsh house – all from cement render – not rising damp!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does render need to dry before rain?

You only need a couple of hours for the plaster to setup before it is safe from rain. Hard rain right as they finish can ruin the plaster, but even after just an hour you are usually alright, and after three or four hours you should be totally fine.

How long does it take for render to harden?

Until recently, render was typically a mixture of cement, sand and lime. It is an effective treatment, but takes a long time to dry (up to 28 days) and is not 100% waterproof. You should wait 4 to 6 weeks for render to cure. Render when drying is alkaline it with bleed this chemical through the surface as it drys.

How long for external render to dry before painting?

So, it always best to leave new render a few days before painting is started, maybe longer in the colder and wetter months of the year. Before painting starts, make sure you have all the right tools and equipment needed to paint.

What to do if it rains while rendering?

How do you waterproof a rendered wall?

  1. Render the walls – use a primer and then sand and cement, incorporating a waterproofer.
  2. Apply a water repellent – this must be a product that is suitable for high levels of salts.
  3. Apply a waterproofing coating – cement based tanking slurry or a bitumen based product.

How long does it take for render to dry?

How long for render to dry? I have had my front brick retaining wall cement rendered about 6 or so weeks ago and the renderer told me to leave it for over 4 weeks before I paint it so the render can fully cure. He told me to give it a little spry with water every now and then to help stop it drying too quickly and prevent cracks.

How long before you can paint new render walls?

You need to wait for about 28 days or more to make sure that your new render wall is totally dry. You will notice that your render walls change its color from dark to light when it is ready to be painted. Tips on How to Paint New Render Walls

How long does it take for sand and cement render to set?

In average conditions it is set, dry and ready to be painted with emulsion within a week. Sand and cement render behaves much differently. When water is mixed with Portland cement it usually sets within a few hours and then takes several weeks to fully hydrate and harden.

How long does an external rendering engine last?

Modern applications tend to last longer and often come with a warranty that guarantees the length of time the render should last.

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