How High Gfci Xounter Bathroom?


A GFCI outlet, to remain accessible, should sit within about 15 to 48 inches from the floor. If the outlet is located over an obstruction such as a cabinet, the outlet should sit lower to keep it accessible to someone who is disabled or of shorter stature.


Residential building codes do not specify a bathroom GFCI outlet must sit at a certain height. The general requirement is the outlet must be within 36 inches of water basins. An outlet should sit at each basin, or sometimes the code may specify one outlet can serve two basins if it’s located between the two basins.

2014 NEC Electrical Code Changes On GFCIs & Kitchen Remodels


Branch Circuits – Multiwire 210.4, 2014NEC (53min;05sec)

Frequently Asked Questions

How high should an outlet be over a vanity?

The National Electrical Code doesn't have any specific requirement regarding the height of a receptacle above a vanity. The only thing the NEC requires is that there must be one outlet within 36 inches of the outside edge of the sink, and it must be in the wall adjacent to the basin or countertop.

Should GFCI be 15 or 20 amp bathroom?

Kitchens and bathrooms should always have 20 amp gfci outlets. However, you must be using number 12 wire for 20 amp gfci or regular outlets If your wiring is number 14 guage then use a 15 amp.

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