How Has Religion Shaped The Cultural Landscape Including Sacred Sites?


Different religions may shape the cultural landscape differently because of the different types of sacred sites. … Many religions also build shrines or other structures to commemorate those events. One such example would be the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which marks the site where Jesus’ Tomb was.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Religion is an extremely important factor when it comes to shaping culture. Religion itself is always related to multiple factors, including the economy, politics, and the family lives of people living in a country. Religion interacts with all of these factors, and together they help shape the culture of a specific group of people.

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Indeed, southern religious influences lay at the heart of much of 20th-century American popular culture. And it contrasts with a rapidly changing contemporary South in which Buddhist retreat centers and Ganesha temples are taking their place alongside Baptist and Methodist churches.

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Black members were considered part of churches, even if only their first names might be recorded on the roll book. Enslaved Christians in the antebellum South fashioned a religious culture which synthesized Euro-American Christian beliefs and African expressive styles into a unique, sustaining form of Christianity.

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