How Good Are Cordless Landscaping Tools?


Battery-powered yard tools can do the same job as many electric and gas-powered yard tools while eliminating extension cord wrangling and gas, oil and annual tune ups. They’re not only powerful enough, but the batteries last long enough for the most common yard tasks.

Ryobi ONE+ Garden Tools Range – 100+ Tools. One Battery. [9.0Ah]

Cordless tool systems – Buyer’s Guide

Cordless 18V+18V Lithium-ion Garden Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cordless yard tool?

The Best Cordless Outdoor Power Tool Systems

  • Ryobi One+ System. ...
  • Worx Outdoor Power Equipment. ...
  • Ego Systems. ...
  • Greenworks Outdoor Power Tools. ...
  • Stihl Lightning System. ...
  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel System. ...
  • Husqvarna Battery Powered Tools. ...
  • Black + Decker Outdoor Power Tools.

Are electric lawn tools worth it?

The most obvious benefit of electric yard equipment (whether it's battery-powered or corded) is that there's no gas engine to maintain—no oil, spark plugs, or air filters to change. And if you store it away for the winter, there's not that inherent fear of it not starting right up in the spring.

Is ego a good product?

These EGO products are fantastic. Well built, solid, powerful, and the look bloody good too. You'll need to find your local stockist, which you can do on their website – but well worth a look!

Which is the best cordless garden tool system?

We’ve trialled and reviewed hundreds of garden tools to identify the best ones for value, comfort and quality. Browse our list of the best cordless garden tool systems. Our experts have considered the pros and cons of each model, plus ease of handling and assembly, performance and value for money.

What kind of cordless tools do I Need?

Most manufacturers offer a wide variety of tools that accommodate the same battery type. Eighteen-volt tools in particular have a broad range of options. Ryobi’s 18 Volt One+ system (shown here) has more than 50 tools that fit its 18-volt battery pack and includes cordless lawn, garden and household products.

Which is the best cordless lawn mower system?

The Best Cordless Lawn Tool Systems – One Battery To Rule Them All. This article is going to look at the cordless electric Lawn and & Garden tools systems available for 2018. This article is already out-of-date. Check out the Best 2019 Cordless Systems here: All The Best Cordless Battery Operated Walk-Behind Mowers 2019

Which is better cordless or battery power tools?

Apart from cordless power tools being easier and more fun to use. Battery tools are also safer for beginners, without a power lead that could accidentally be cut. The cordless options also have slightly less power and are easier to control.

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