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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a shower when its below freezing?

When freezing temperatures hit, the water flowing to your shower or sink can actually freeze inside the pipe. Once the water freezes, it expands, breaking the pipe walls. Then, when the temperature warms even a little, the water melts and comes leaking (or bursting) into your house or apartment.

Should I flush the toilet during a freeze?

If your toilet drain pipes are frozen, the water will back up into the toilet bowl and overflow whenever you flush. So it's best to avoid flushing if you have frozen pipes.

How does cold weather affect plumbing?

Did you know that your home's water line can leak or break due to frozen water? Below-freezing temperatures cause water to freeze mid-flow through your home's pipes. This can lead to a burst pipe or leaking water line. Also, septic tanks are more likely to burst when the dirt is frozen and snow is on the ground.

How to keep your home warm in sub-zero weather?

If the temperatures drop in your home, it will not be able to recover until sub-zero temperatures rise and the windchill diminishes. Our heating systems cannot overcome temperatures -20 to -30 with wind chill up to -50+. Put your thermostat on hold 70 degrees or higher.

What to do when your furnace is at Sub Zero?

Put your thermostat on hold 70 degrees or higher. Furnaces in our climate are designed to maintain 72 degrees at -5 below zero and does not include windchill and infiltration. To help minimize temperature loss you can boil water, make soup, or stews; they help introduce humidity and warmer temperatures into your home.

What does it mean when water is at a subzero temperature?

It is most often referred to as super-cooled water, super-cooled dew, or super-cooled liquid, all of which mean the same thing. Water in the super-cooled state is a liquid, but is at a subzero (below freezing) temperature. In the temperature range 0 to –40°C, the super-cooling phenomenon is quite prevalent.

What is the standard RH for subzero temperatures?

In this way, Standard RH values are achievable up to 100% both for warmer, and subzero temperatures. Standard RH assumes that the maximum water vapor content possible is through saturation over ice for subzero temperatures. WMO RH:WMO RH computations, and the following discussion, apply onlyto temperatures below freezing.

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