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Frequently Asked Questions

How much wall can plumb out?

Walls shall not be out of plumb greater than 1 1/2 inches in 8 feet when measured from the base to the top of the wall. Wood framed walls shall not be more than 3/8 inch out of plumb for every 32 inches in any vertical measurement. All interior and exterior walls have slight variances in their finished surfaces.

How far out is plumb?

The NAHB reference is the most directly applicable reference specific to both residential construction and the nature of something being acceptable or not. This reference states: 2-13 – Concrete walls shall not be out of plumb by more than 1.5” in 8 feet when measured from the base to the top of the wall.

How big should the flashing be at the bottom of a wall?

8-inch minimum between siding and grade. To prevent splash back from the roofline soaking the base of the wall, the bottom edge of the base flashing should be at least 8 inches above grade. This is a design detail that must be worked out before the foundation is poured.

How big of a level do I need for a room?

A 2-ft. level works just fine on small projects like installing small sections of wall tile, building closet walls and installing single cabinets.

How big should a level be over a long distance?

Use these tools and techniques for leveling from 4 to 100 ft. Level over short, medium and long distances with ease. Whether you're installing a dropped ceiling, laying out a deck, or building a whole house, these tools and techniques will make it easier.

Can a wall move horizontally with no leaning?

Watch out: Beware of this condition: if the bottom of a wall is not pinned in place by a secure footing or a concrete slab, the entire wall, from top to bottom may move horizontally with no leaning and with no "overhang" of one portion of the wall over another.

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