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Frequently Asked Questions

Puerto Rico is experiencing an economic and healthcare crisis, yet there are scarce recent and comprehensive reports on the population’s health profile. We aimed to describe prevalent risk factors and health conditions of adults living in Puerto Rico and assess their interrelationship.

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Puerto Rico is a US Territory, and it seems more like a foreign country when it comes to healthcare. Here is everything about medical care, prescriptions, and laboratory tests that I wish I had known when we moved to Puerto Rico.

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Other ongoing problems include surges in drug use, homicides and domestic violence—which Puerto Rico’s former governor has created special task forces to address. Such challenges commonly develop after major disasters, according to the World Health Organization.

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My previous US based insurance (self employed) was over $350 per month, and my new Triple S (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Puerto Rico) insurance in Puerto Rico is $180 per month now. My insurance is widely accepted around the island, it has low co-pays, many $5 co-pay for prescriptions, and high coverage.

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