How Does Native Landscaping Contribute To Sustainability?


Native plants can be used around homes and in gardens to create sustainable landscapes. … Native plants used as buffer strips along water margins slow runoff and absorb nutrients. They are also self-sustaining, and they support wildlife including beneficial insects, pollinators, and native birds.


Native landscaping is promoted as a means to improve the quality of the air, soil and water, help to prevent flooding, control erosion, and enhance biodiversity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of sustainable landscaping?

What are the Benefits of a Sustainable Landscape for You?

  • Require less maintenance.
  • Long lasting.
  • Reduced water usage and no water run off or puddles.
  • Minimal use of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Use of green waste.
  • Conservation of energy and resources.

How do native plants help the environment?

Conserving Water: Because native plants are adapted to local environmental conditions, they require far less water, saving time, money, and perhaps the most valuable natural resource, water. In addition to providing vital habitat for birds, many other species of wildlife benefits as well.

How can landscape be made sustainable?


  1. Have a landscape. ...
  2. Grow Plants in Pots. ...
  3. Recycle/Compost. ...
  4. Conserve water. ...
  5. Protect runoff water from plant debris and fertilizer nutrients. ...
  6. Encourage the use of reclaimed water. ...
  7. Use fertilizers and pest control products carefully. ...
  8. Replace plants that are chronic problems.

What are the benefits of growing native plants?

By having more of the native plants on site there will be more mature trees and shrubs with deep root systems that will help move the water into the soil. Also by having mature plants on site they will help to block the wind and sun, which can help reduce the amount of energy needed to run the building.

How does the design of a landscape affect the environment?

Integrating the design of landscapes, such as plants and water conservation, into commercial apartment building plans will increase the efficiency of the building the landscape surrounds and the overall air and water quality of the encompassing environment.

How to prevent a sustainable landscape from being boring?

To prevent a sustainable landscape from being boring, pay attention to the different locations on your property that have their own micro-climates. You can design these sections to look and behave differently from the others, yet still be sustainable.

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