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Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne | In-Depth Summary & Analysis

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How does the setting affect Goodman Brown?

The setting in The Young Goodman Brown influences the development of plot and character. ... Usually, a reflection of numerous essential aspects of work; culture, time, location and tone is determined through the setting of the story. That is how an ambience and emotional connotation within readers are created.

What does Goodman Brown see descending from the sky at a pivotal moment?

When a cloud blocks the stars, Young Goodman Brown can see clear sky all around it. ... When Faith's lament is followed by a pink ribbon descending from the sky, Brown knows the supernatural cloud is carrying her off body and soul.

What happens to Goodman Brown in the forest?

This Answer Now. In the forest primeval, Young Goodman Brown suffers a fall from innocence that is not unlike that of Adam. When Brown ventures into the forest in order to test his faith, he loses this faith after witnessing the black mass and seeing his wife Faith there.

What can you infer about Goodman Brown's feelings from the statement?

He is losing confidence in his religious faith.

What was nature like in Young Goodman Brown?

Now entirety of nature mocks Goodman Brown: “The whole forest was peopled with frightful sounds--the creaking of the trees, the howling of wild beasts, and the yell of if all Nature were laughing him to scorn.” Natural phenomena also bookend the story: it starts with the sun setting, and ends with the sun rising.

Why did Goodman Brown arrive late in the forest?

When the man asks why Goodman Brown arrived late, Goodman Brown replies, his voice now trembling slightly with fear at the sudden appearance of the man (even though such a meeting wasn’t entirely unexpected), that “ Faith kept me back awhile.” The forest for Puritans marked both a place of fear and a place of possibility.

What does the threshold of the house mean in Young Goodman Brown?

He looks back one last time and sees Faith watching him sadly despite the pink ribbons on her cap. The threshold of the house symbolizes a turning point, a moment in which Goodman Brown can choose to listen to Faith and stay at home as a good husband, or follow his curiosity and go off alone into the night.

Who is the Devil in Young Goodman Brown?

When Goodman Brown meets the man, who we later learn is the devil, the devil himself is seated on an “old tree.” Once he relents and journeys far in the “deep dusk” of the forest, Goodman Brown finds that nature and the supernatural begin to blend.

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