How Do You Say &Quot;Where Is The Bathroom?&Quot; In Swahili?

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How to Say ‘How do you say this in Swahili?’ – Swahili Conversational Phrases

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the silent letters found in Swahili?

like the "n" in "numb". Although "m" and "n" are pronounced the same in Swahili as they are in English, unlike English, these letters can often be found at the beginning of words followed by other consonants, such as "t", "d", etc. Since Swahili has no silent letters, it is important to pronounce these sounds.

How is Swahili related to other Bantu languages?

Swahili phrasebook. As a part of the Bantu language family, Swahili is related to a variety of languages from Southern Africa to Central to West Africa. While some Bantu languages, like Xhosa and Zulu are click languages, Swahili does not use clicks, so pronunciation is generally not difficult for English speakers.

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