How Do You Say Bathrooms In Mexico?


"Baño" is common in Mexico. Some other people may get fancy and call it "inodoro" or "excusado" (which are more specific).


Technically, the proper phrase for bathroom is “el cuarto de baño” since “baño” means “bath” and “cuarto” means “room,” but most people, especially when not speaking formally, simply use the term “ el baño” to refer to the bathroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I put in my Mexican bathroom?

A Mexican bathroom is the ideal relaxing retreat after long tiring days. It encompasses warmth and romance at the same time with its bright colorful surroundings. Following are some tips & ideas to get you started. Flooring: To get the authentic look of Mexican flooring, avoid using carpets and go for Saltillo or glazed tile.

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