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Frequently Asked Questions

Do patients in coma poop?

Hear this out loudPauseWhen people are unconscious whether it be medically or chemically induced (some patients are given drugs to induce an unconscious state) they still poop. So people in a coma will usually have a combination of absorbent underwear and then absorbent pads placed in the bed under them.

Is it possible to go into a coma?

For instance, Medical News Today informs us that it's perfectly possible to enter a coma that's so deep that you can't even breathe properly.

What happens when a comatose person is taken to the hospital?

When the comatose person is taken to a hospital, a more thorough assessment known as the Glasgow Coma Scale can be applied. The GCS is a handy, practical method that tests the patient's ability to open their eyes, as well as the level of their verbal and motor response.

How can you tell if someone is in a coma?

However, even if a person falls into a coma because of some less identifiable reason, there are ways to tell that they're not just having a really good nap. A coma patient's eyes are generally closed, and their breathing may be irregular.

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