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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when wall insulation gets wet?

However, when moisture fills the air pockets between the fibers, the insulation loses its ability to slow the transfer of heat. After all, water is a conductor, so wet fiberglass insulation is about as effective as no insulation at all. To help fiberglass insulation dry out, place a dehumidifier or fan in the area.

Can I use insulation that has been wet?

While it does lose its potency when wet, it can regain effectiveness as it dries up. You should look out for any loose insulation that is wet with dirty water. Wet insulation will join its fibers together and create clumps in your attic. If your insulation is compressed or contaminated, then it will lose effectiveness.

Does insulation need ventilation?

The insulation needs to “breathe” to do its job, so there must be a flow of air to the outside surfaces of the insulation. Paradoxically, insulation also needs to be sealed off on the inside surfaces. ... If you add insulation to an attic, you almost certainly will have to add ventilation, too.

What to do when your insulation gets wet?

If you have an attic problem and your insulation gets wet, put a fan on it to begin drying it out. If, after two days of nonstop fanning and drying attempts, there is still dampness on, in, or around the insulation, you’ve done all the DIY you can do.

What should I do if my Siding gets wet?

Inspect your siding for holes, which can allow moisture in and damage exterior wall insulation. Seal your foundation and basement walls to prevent moisture intrusion that could damage crawl space and basement insulation. When your insulation gets wet, you need to act fast!

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