How Difficult To Add Trim To Exterior Of House?

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Add $5,000 to your properties value with just $20! (exterior remodel)

Foam Stucco Trim DIY

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have exterior trim installed?

Cost to Install or Replace Exterior Trim The cost to install exterior trim is $1,790 for the average home. It costs $4 per linear foot for low-end materials and $7 per linear foot for high-end materials, including $88 per hour for labor.

Do you install trim before siding?

For better or worse we're going with cedar siding on the house, and rough sawn cedar for all of the fascia and trim. Sizes-Your trim should stick out past your siding, and since we're using a 1″ overlaping siding we needed at to use 2x rough sawn lumber to trim in the windows.

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