How Clean Are The Bathrooms At Disney World?


They’re pretty clean, the smaller 2 stall ones usually have a bit of paper on the floor but for the most part they are clean. I also can’t stand dirty washrooms and I have no problem at Disney. The self flushing toilets always scare my daughter but other then that they’re good.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Disney World so clean?

We have high standards for cleaning and sanitation at our parks, with rigorous protocols including: Extensive training for cast members, with testing of their knowledge on a regular basis. Defined cycles for frequent cleaning and disinfection of targeted areas throughout the day.

Are Disney rides being sanitized?

The attractions now get cleaned every two hours at Disney theme parks. This means spraying down seats and high-touch areas to help stop spread. Furthermore, hand rails and other spaces around the Resort are frequently cleaned by cast members. ... Attractions can be down anywhere from 15-45 minutes as cleaning commences.

What should you not do at Disney?

5 things not to do at Disney World

  • Buy your tickets at the park. ...
  • Forgo FastPasses for popular attractions. ...
  • Visit during peak season. ...
  • Buy your souvenirs while you're there. ...
  • Eat exclusively at the park.

What happens after you go to the restroom at Walt Disney World?

The primary stage involves sewage passing through large tanks, in order to settle the sludge and enable grease and oils to be skimmed off the surface. The secondary stage degrades the biological content of the sewage (which includes human waste, food waste, detergent and other things that are flushed down toilets and washed down sinks).

How much water does Walt Disney World use?

That’s because they’ve been hosed down using – you guessed it – reclaimed water from the treatment plant. The same water is also used to clean the resort’s fleet of buses. In total, the plant can handle a demand of 6 million gallons per day of reclaimed water.

How much trash does Walt Disney World use?

Dealing with that waste is one of Disney’s biggest headaches, and to make things even harder the extensive systems that it uses must be almost entirely hidden from guests. Back when the resort first opened in 1971, Disney estimated that each Magic Kingdom guest would dispose of between one and one-and-a-half pounds of trash each day.

Is there a wastewater treatment plant at Walt Disney World?

Of all the “backstage” areas of Walt Disney World, this is perhaps the one Disney would least like you to visit. The Reedy Creek Improvement District operates its own wastewater treatment plant, with a capacity of 15 million gallons per day.

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