How Clean And Well Equipped Are The Bathrooms At Iit Bombay?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do IIT hostels have attached washroom?

Hear this out loudPauseThe room has an attached bathroom. The bathroom has a jacuzzi, and a 24–7 water supply. The bathroom contains a 46 inch led, with a d2h connection.

Do IIT Bombay have gym?

Hear this out loudPauseIIT Bombay is a residential campus that has all the students and most of the faculty and staff residing on campus. The Institute has 16 students' hostels, which includes separate hostels for women students. Every hostel has modern amenities including a computer room and gym.

What kind of facilities does IIT Bombay have?

In terms of infrastructure, IIT Bombay is a type of a residential campus with a total of 15 hostels, in-house dining and the institute also offers sports and other recreational facilities. However, we will look at some of the important information about the institution in the following paragraphs.

How is the shortlisting done in IIT Bombay?

Shortlisting is done based on the scores of the students in the exam. There is also another round where group discussion or interviews are held. There is also an exception for candidates. Students with IIT B.Tech. degree and a CGPA OF 8.0 and above are exempted from GATE score requirements.

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